The moment PMX made the announcement that Kaya would be joining the convention’s list of musical guests, fans bought their badges and booked their flights at what would be Kaya’s first U.S. performance. Thanks to Cure and Anime Jungle, Kaya, previously of Schwarz Stein, had made a sort of test run by doing an ‘appearance’ through Skype and participating in a short Q&A. Jrock Revolution was able to take a moment out of Kaya’s busy schedule to interview him at the LAX Hilton.


JRR: Is this your first time in America? 

Kaya: I’ve been to Hawaii before but this is my first time

in the main part of America.

JRR: Were you following the U.S. presidential race? Did you like any particular candidate?

Kaya: Yes I did. I like Obama.

JRR: Have you done any sightseeing?

Kaya: Yes, a little bit. I did some shopping yesterday.

JRR: What made you decide you wanted to perform at PMX?

Kaya: I had wanted to come to America for a long time and perform and Cure invited me so I happily accepted.

JRR: What are your thoughts about conventions like PMX and how there are so many people who are interested in Japanese culture?

Kaya: It’s very interesting. I’m very happy to see it.

JRR: Did you practice your English before you came?

Kaya: (laughs) No, I didn’t.

JRR: Can you tell us about your new upcoming single?

Kaya: It’s going to have an orchestrated ballad as well as songs with a club sound. It’s my first time doing an orchestra ballad so it was a challenge and I want everyone to listen to it.

JRR: Is anything different now that you’re major?

Kaya: I get advice from different people and it helps a lot and makes it easier to record.

JRR: You usually have dress codes for your lives. Will you have one for your show tomorrow?

Kaya: Mmm, I haven’t thought about it yet. I just like it when people have fun with it and enjoy themselves wearing wherever they want.

JRR: If you could do whatever kind of photo shoot you want, what would you do?

Kaya: I’d like to do one with a castle, like taking pictures inside.

JRR: Which of your costumes do you like the best so far?

Kaya: All of them have a sentimental value to me. I really like red and I also like kimono style outfits.

JRR: Many of your non-Japanese fans loved your Chocolat PV. Do you plan to do another PV soon?

Kaya: There are no plans right now, but I will most likely do another one.

JRR: Do you plan to work with Hora again in the future?

Kaya: Yes I do!

JRR: If you could, would you participate in another Node of Scherzo show?

Kaya: If KAMIJO gives the okay.

JRR: You appeared in the Gothic & Lolita Bible before. Do you like lolita fashion? Do you like a particular brand or style?

Kaya: I love it. I love wearing it as well as looking at it. I don’t like any style/brand in particular.

JRR: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Kaya: (smile) Still singing.

JRR: If there was one thing you could do to change the world, what would it be?

Kaya: Take away the wars and fighting.

JRR: Is there something you would like to do if you got the chance?

Kaya: I would like to be heard around the world.

JRR: What is one word that you think describes you?

Kaya: Hmm…that is difficult…what do you think? (smile)

JRR: Me? (laughs) Um…beautiful. I think you’re beautiful inside and out.

Kaya: (laughs and says thank you very much in English) Well for me beauty is a really big theme so I try hard to emphasize it.

JRR: Have you ever travelled to Europe or another Asian country?

Kaya: Yes I have. I have been to France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Singapore, Korea, and Australia. I would really like to go to Finland.

JRR: What was the last movie you saw?

Kaya: Phantom of the Opera I think…

JRR: What is your favorite Western food and what is your favorite Japanese food?

Kaya: Hmm… Western food… what do I like… spaghetti and carbonara. As for Japanese food, I like traditional Japanese sweets.

JRR: Would you say you have good luck or bad luck in love?

Kaya: (smiles) Good luck.

JRR: If given the chance, would you perform at a Jrock Revolution Festival?

Kaya: Definitely!

JRR: Can you give a message to your American fans?

Kaya: I know it’s hard to buy my CDs in America, but please try to support me. I would love to do more lives in America.


Special thanks to: CURE, PMX, and Next Media Communications 

Interview by: Krystal

Photographs by: Izumi