Want to be a part of the Jrock Revolution team? This FAQ is here to answer your questions about our Help Wanted.

What is Jrock Revolution looking for?

Let’s talk about you.

You Have a Passion for Jrock
You may have your favorite artists, but you look at Jrock as a whole scene. You take pride in supporting Japanese rock artists, and you want to see Jrock continue to spread overseas, towards hopeful world domination. You dream of a Jrock station on satellite radio, or the day when you can buy your favorite album as easily as anime fans can buy their favorite shows. In other words, you’re a Big Picture Thinker. You’re not just in it for that one band you love—you’re in it for the whole long haul of seeing this awesome music landscape stretch across the whole earth.

You Know Your Stuff
Maybe you’ve been a fan of BUCK-TICK for ten years, or maybe you heard Versailles for the first time last month. Maybe it’s the instrumentation, maybe it’s the fashion, maybe it’s the language—whatever got you into Jrock, not only do you love it, but it inspires you with insatiable curiosity. You must quench your thirst for Jrock knowledge, and you do, and you absorb everything you discover like an industrial strength sponge.

You Play Well With Others
You like being a member of a team, and you approach what you do with pride, a positive outlook, and a cooperative attitude. You enjoy making friends who share in your goals, learning from them, and teaching them things yourself. You can feel the movement picking up speed… and you can hear it calling you to put your best talents to use. You like to feel like you’re part of something… something revolutionary.

Sound like you? If it does, we encourage you to apply for one of our volunteer positions.

Why should I volunteer?

The answers:

You love Jrock. You will feel personally satisfied with an opportunity to do more. Maybe it’s about your particular favorite artists; maybe you’re inspired by the movement as a whole. You would be doing more to help Jrock artists on your own time anyway—why not get more direct and do it for Jrock Revolution?

You want to give back to your favorite artists. Do you really want to hit the ground running for the people who have made you cry and sing and laugh and dream? We’re here to give you a chance to do that in an official capacity; to bring you closer than you can get by fan-driven avenues.

You want to get the word out that Jrock… rocks! If you’re constantly telling people about how great Jrock is or how much you love your favorite artists, why not do that as part of a massive community of people all doing the same thing?

You want to contribute to an official organization. Since we’re official, there’s a great deal we can do for overseas fans that fan-run groups want to do but can’t. That great idea you’ve always wanted to do, but never could before? JRR may be able to help you realize it.

You want to be in the know. There’s a lot to learn behind the scenes. The more you give, the more we’ll give you to do. The more you do, the more critical you’ll become to us. The more critical you are, the more we’ll need to tell you first what everyone else waits to find out. Wanna be in the know? This is the way to do it.

You want to spice up your resume and references. What else needs to be said? You can include the work you do for us when applying for paid positions. And we’ll gladly provide you with references on request.

You want internship credit. We will gladly work with educational institutions to provide internship credit when possible. If you want to go the extra mile for us to work on your skills and work towards your degree, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

You want to be first in line for the coolest job opportunities. Paid positions with us or other organizations, including generally awesome jobs sent our way, will open up to our staff first.

You want to be part of a close team and feel valued and supported. We’ll take care of you and never forget that you’re willingly offering us your skills and time. We’ll be accessible to you for mentoring and advice, we’ll be open to your ideas, and we’ll make sure that you take on things that are meaningful and valuable to you to do.

I’m brand new to Jrock. I’m really passionate, but I’m afraid I don’t know enough to help out. What can I do?

Feel free to apply to any of our positions. Your skillset may make you an excellent candidate regardless of the time you’ve spent as a Jrock supporter. Your newfound passion will also likely drive you to be a fast learner, so we’re happy to consider you.

Ultimately, if you don’t fit with any of our positions, our Street Team will be the perfect place for you to express your passions and learn even more about this amazing music scene.

I’m a longtime Jrock lover and I really know the classic bands and want to help Jrock as a whole, but I’m not in touch with the current scene. What about me?

We’d love to have you. Jrock Revolution is about everything in the Jrock scene, past, present, and future. Great classic bands are back and others are still going strong after an incredible number of years together. Our current staff includes people from a range of Jrock backgrounds, and as we build out our team, we want to keep including that kind of diverse expertise. By working with us, you’re also likely to learn a lot about the current scene and see why it’s thriving right now, so expect to only increase your Jrock I.Q. (J.Q.?) when you join JRR.

If I apply now, will I be working on the website exactly as it is now?

Guess what: NO. Jrock Revolution will soon be unveiling a lot of changes around here, improving our look, navigation, and our general ability to give you what you want. We think you’re going to love the changes. We think that if you’re reading this and already are interested in joining our team, you will be ten times more excited about being on the team when our changes are revealed. Don’t wait to see what happens—apply now to be there from the very start of a new era here at JRR. We want to build out our volunteer team significantly to support all the cool new things we’ll be able to do, and we’d love to hear from you NOW, not LATER.

Why are there so many positions available?

Reason number one: See above. We have a large volunteer staff at present, but this expansion will help support future changes at our site.

Reason number two: We value your time and we want to help you find the exact right fit for you amongst our team. We’ve presented a number of positions to make sure you’re contributing to us in a way that suits your skillset.

I’m under 18, but I really really really want to help JRR. What can I do?

For legal reasons, we require all members of our staff and offline street team to be at least eighteen years of age. Join our online street team and promote your heart out to get the word out about Jrock Revolution and all the great Jrock artists out there today. Participate in our forum and get to know people; we’ll even have a career center there soon for advice seekers. By the time you’re eighteen, you’ll have plenty of experience to help you apply for our many volunteer staff and offline street team positions.

For now, our forum and online street team are the place for you to be. Answer our polls, write back to our news posts, respond to our articles… Give us your feedback! Jrock fans under eighteen are a huge part of the Jrock fanbase and we’re here to help you. Let us make the site better for you by making your voice heard at every turn. Our site staff is on the forum all the time to read and write back to what you have to say, so please help us by giving us your input and spreading the word to all your friends.

I live in Japan. Can I apply?

We’d love to expand our Japan team. Please do.

I don’t live in the U.S. or Japan. Can I apply?

Absolutely. Please do, and please feel free to give us additional information about your locale and the interest in Jrock there.

English is not my native language. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. We have core staff members whose first language is not English. Please let us know that English is not your native language in the "Language skills" section of our application. Most positions require a fluent command of English, but some can be performed at an advanced but not fluent skill level.

I have friends who I think would be great for JRR. Can they apply too?

Of course. Please direct them to this Help Wanted page and ask them to submit an application. If we accepted you onto our team, please ask them to note that you referred them.

I want to help JRR but I really don’t know what would be the best position for me. What should I do?

Apply to be a Site Assistant, thoroughly describe your skills and interests, and if we have a place for you, we’ll help you figure it out.

I want to apply to one of the positions requiring samples of writing/other work, but I don’t really have anything to show. What should I do?

Apply for another position, and work on your skills. Certain positions that are tied to a specific locale may close at time, but general writing/photography positions will almost always be available as we have no cap to our volunteer staff in those areas. If you’re not ready now, work on it and apply as soon as you can.

I want to help, but I only want to do work related to my favorite artists. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. Our strong preference is for people who want to contribute to the expansion of the Jrock scene as a whole. But we also have people on our team who are specific experts in certain artists and coverage of them. Please note in your application that you want to apply specifically to contribute to coverage of particular artists.

You used to ask for college degrees. Do I need a degree?

A college background is absolutely going to be a plus and we highly prefer candidates with at least one year of college education. However, if you’re a fierce candidate without a college background, don’t hesitate to apply.

High school, though? You must have graduated from high school to be considered. No exceptions.

What exactly do you guys in the core staff do?

See the Help Wanted? Everything on that list and far more than we could even include. We’re in progress with multiple projects that will improve our site and improve the landscape for overseas fans trying to connect to their favorite artists. If there’s something overseas fans want and need, there’s an extremely good chance we’re actively working on trying to make it a reality.

If I join JRR, can you help me meet my favorite artist?

JRR is here to help you HELP your favorite artist and fellow overseas supporters of Jrock. If all you want to do is meet your favorite artist, we’re trying to help give all overseas fans chances like that. But if your goal is to help your favorite artist succeed abroad and/or help fellow Jrock supporters improve their access to music, concerts, and more, THAT is why you should come join our team.

Why don’t you have paid positions available?

At this time, paid positions are extremely limited due to the small size of our core staff and are only made available to members of our volunteer staff, with certain exceptions when the skillset required leads us to look outwards.

JRR is here for what’s currently still a niche market. Think of where anime and manga were years and years ago. Our vision is to see Jrock become as accessible to fans overseas as many other great aspects of modern Japanese creative work are today. Building things up to that point is something we’re powerfully dedicated to and we want to extend these limited opportunities first to the people who have voluntarily dedicated their time out of their passion and shared vision.

Much of our core staff itself consists of volunteers. If you’re interested in a paid position with JRR, volunteer what you’re able to now, and should such opportunities come around, we’ll know where to find you.

Still have questions? You may send a private message to Help Wanted on our forum. (Register)

Thanks! And if you’ve decided to apply, we look forward to hearing from you.


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