【NEWS】First worldwide digital distribution on iTunes under the name of Kenshi Yonezu for top vocaloid producer HACHI!!


▼iTunes distribution in 111 countries!

▼Yonezu’s newest number one hit「MAD HEAD LOVE」will be on distribution too!

▼His vocaloid new song “DONUT HOLE” is released in the name of HACHI!


On October 23rd the vocaloid producer HACHI has released tracks on the iTunes Store of 111 countries under his real name, “Kenshi Yonezu”.

21 songs, including “Matoryoshka”, “Panda Hero”, “Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro” , produced under the name of “Hachi”, and the 3 newest anthems produced under the name of Kenshi Yonezu will be distributed on the iTunes Store.

Yonezu is an incredible vocaloid producer whose songs “Matoryoshka” and “Panda Hero”( both released under the name of “HACHI”) have been reproduced respectively 6 million and 3 million times, and the total views on video sharing platforms count for more than 20,000,000. He is already known abroad under the charismatic name of “HACHI”, but it is the first time that his original tracks are released under his real name both in Japan and abroad.

On October 23rd, Kenshi Yonezu (HACHI’s real name) has released the new anthem “MAD HEAD LOVE / POPPIN’ APATHY”, singing in his own voice. “MAD HEAD LOVE” is a catchy rock track which hit number one on music sites. On the other hand “POPPIN’ APATHY” is a virulent track with a more electronic sound. The two sided single reveals Yonezu’s double personality. In the sound we can recognize HACHI’s elements, but it’s a work recorded with a band revealing an evolving pop sound!

Moreover, His vocaloid new song “DONUT HOLE” is released in the name of HACHI! 2 years and 9 months has passed since he released his last work “Panda Hero” (it contributes on January 23, 2011) The title is “DONUT HOLE”, GUMI was used as vocaloid , and it has become the first band recording sound in the name of HACHI. The dynamic rock sound describing a universal theme which leads also to a Kenshi Yonezu sound some parts. The movie was also created by HACHI himself and four women, “GUMI”, “Miku”, “Luka”, and “Rin” come into the movie.



Kenshi Yonezu (real name)/HACHI (name as vocaloid producer)

Born on March, 10th 1991(22)

Lyrics composer, music composer, arranger, programmer, singer, performer, illustrator and animator.

In 2009 he started uploading his original tracks on video sharing platforms under the name of “HACHI”. Since then, he became the only vocaloid producer who could get million reproductions for 7 tracks. He hit number one on the karaoke chart for three weeks consecutively from November 28th 2011 and his tracks count more than 20,000,000 total views on video sharing platforms. He affirms himself in the vocaloid scene for the rock elements and the virulent sound which gain him followers both in Japan and abroad.

In May 2012 he released the album “diorama”, under his real name and sung in his own voice. The album was number six in the Oricon chart and it became a topic for bringing some freshness in the music scene thanks to the peculiarity and strength of the sound making. Yonezu himself took charge of the composition, writing, arrangement, programming, vocal, performance and mix of all the tracks in the album. He also made all by himself the video and artwork, showing again his multifaceted talent. In May 2013 the anthem “SANTA MARIA”, recorded with a band, was released. The second anthem “MAD HEAD LOVE / POPPIN’ APATHY” has been released on October 23rd. He and his works are being more and more in the spotlight.


【Information about distribution countries】

Under the name of HACHI 108 countries(excluding US, Mexico and India)

Under the name of Yonezu Kenshi 37 countries(see below)






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【Release Info】10/23/2013 Distribution

◆Kenshi Yonezu 2nd Single「MAD HEAD LOVE / POPPIN’ APATHY」(10/23/2013 Distributed in Japan)




◆Kenshi Yonezu 1st Single「SANTA MARIA」(5/29/2013 on sale in Japan)






◆HACHI 1st ALBUM「Hanataba to Suisou(Bouquet and Burial at Sea)」( 2/7 /2010 on sale in Japan)



1.Persona Alice


3.Humorous dream of Mrs.Pumkin -Mrs.Pumkin no Kokkeinayume-


5.clock lock works

6.Ghost Mansion


8.Beloved Rangge -Koibito no Rangge-

9.Bouquet and Burial at Sea -Hanataba to Suisou-


◆HACHI 2nd ALBUM「OFFICIAL ORANGE」(11/14/2010 on sale in Japan)


1.Panda Hero

2.Telepsychola Theatric -Engeki Terepushikora-


4.God and Apple candy -Kamisama to Ringoame-

5.Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro

6.Sajyo no Yumekui Syoujyo

7.Ward Room 305 -Byoutou 305 Goushitsu-

8.Vertigo Phone -Memai Denwa-


10.Idiocy -Hakuchi-

11.Wanderland and the Sheep’s song -Wandarland to Hitsuji no uta-



<<<Distributed under the name of HACHI(108 countries excluded US, Mexico, India)

<<<Distributed under the name of Kenshi Yonezu(37countries)