Angelo’s HE IS A MONKEY premieres exclusively on Anime Network and…


Unstoppable Angelo is at it again! Don’t miss out on their new video, "HE IS A MONKEY," premiering exclusively on Anime Network on November 6 and here at on November 10. To celebrate this exciting news, will hold a contest―keep an eye out for it!

Since the creation of Angelo in August of 2006, Kohta (ex-PIERROT), Takeo (ex-PIERROT), and Kirito have been busy delighting fans and gaining legions of new ones all over the world. From their first live in October ’06 (which boasted an audience of 8,000) to their recent U.S. show in Los Angeles, Angelo shows absolutely no signs of slowing down! In just over two years, these three guys cranked out several singles, a full album, a mini album, four tours, and have already made their international debut.  

After all those accomplishment in such a short time, you can’t help but wonder what marvels might be on their list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2009? But let’s not forget―the year is far from finished for Angelo!  

Jump into Angelo’s fast-paced world and help yourself to a taste of their vibrant musical and visual flavors in the new PV "HE IS A MONKEY"―only on Anime Network and just for you! For a listing of Angelo’s "HE IS A MONKEY" PV, visit Anime Network’s Official Site.  

For more on Angelo and samples of their music, please check out’s articles: "Just Who is Angelo?" and "Angelo Biography and Discography". Don’t forget to check out our live report of Angelo’s Oct. 2, 2008 US show in Los Angeles .


1) What channel is Anime Network on?

a. Anime Network is a Video On Demand Network. You, the viewer, can tune in any time they like to watch the video. You can find the listing of On Demand Networks on your cable package. Here is also a list of providers that carry this Network:

  • Armstrong
  • Beld Broadband
  • Bend Boradband
  • Blue Ridge
  • Bright House
  • Buckeye Cablesystem
  • Cablevision
  • Charter
  • Click!
  • Cogeco
  • Comacast
  • Cox
  • Direct TV
  • Insight
  • Knology
  • Massillon Cable TV
  • Mediacom
  • Mountian Cablevision
  • RCN
  • Rogers
  • Service Electric Cablevision
  • Shaw
  • Suddenlink
  • Sunflower Broadband
  • Time Warner
  • Wave Broadband
  • Wide Open West

2) What time will the premiere of HE IS A MONKEY be aired?

b. HE IS A MONKEY will be premiered on Nov. 6th. There are no set times for the airing since it is an On Demand channel.

3) What shows will the premiere be showed on?

c. That’s what the contest is for! Keep an eye out for upcoming contest details!

4) Where can I find out more information about Anime Network?

d. Go to for more information about them!



Written by Mel