Scheduling is available for those lovely Jrock events you’ve been waiting for.


Nov. 7th:

Kaya appearance at the CURE booth 1pm-2pm

Yukika [Buddy] handshake event at the CURE booth 2pm-3pm

Suicide Ali and concert 8:00pm – 11pm


Nov. 8th:

Suicide Ali panel 1pm-2pm

Suicide Ali autograph session 2pm-3pm

Kaya appearance at the CURE booth 3pm-4pm

EURO [Speed-ID] appearance at the CURE booth 4pm-5pm

Kaya concert 8pm-10pm


Nov. 9th: 

Kaya Q&A Panel 1pm-2pm

Kaya autograph session at the Anime Jungle Store in Little Tokyo 8:30pm 


Our JRR staff hopes to see you all there! 

For all appearances at the CURE booth, please note that handshakes are allowed but NO autographs. Autographs will only be done at Anime Jungle the evening of November 9th.