JRockRevolution.com had an opportunity to speak with CELL following their activities on Saturday. Enjoy!

Vocal:  紺 (Kon)
Lead Guitar:  Nao
Guitar: Shin
Bass: Yuki

JRR: How was the concert last night, and the crowd?

Kon: I was very excited over the unexpected reactions of the American fans. It’s my first time here, so I didn’t know what to expected, but I was overwhelmed.

JRR: What did you think of the crowd and how they reacted?

Kon: Overwhelming.

JRR: Have you encountered anything that was kind of a culture shock while here in America?

All: Everything is so huge compared to Japan!

Kon: The food portions are huge, I expected the food portions to be bigger here, but when I saw it, it was double the normal amount in Japan. I was very culture shocked.

Yuki: For Shin, it was perfect, because he eats a lot.

Nao: It’s almost perfect for me; I can’t finish it, because I feel like I’m going to explode.

Kon: You eat traditionally, so you eat everything.

Nao: That’s right.

[Note: In Japan, it’s not good to leave leftovers on your plate.]

Kon: We might have gained weight…

Yuki: You can feel it in your belly.

JRR: How did you first become interested in music?

Kon: I wanted to play some kind of an instrument at first. Since I was very young, I thought a vocalist didn’t need instruments, and it was inexpensive that way.

Nao: I started off watching anime and movies, then I started becoming interested in music, and soon I discovered hide. With his influence, I started playing guitar.

Shin: I was strongly influenced by my friend at the time who also played guitar. As I started playing, I got into it more and more.

Yuki: I had an early finish on my entrance exam for a university in Japan, so I had four months to just mess around. I was just waiting for graduation, before that I used to play a lot of games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. I was really interested in that music…but I decided to play bass during that time off.

JRR: We’ve already touched on hide…but what are some of your other early inspirations?

Nao: Masashi Sada.

Yuki: He’s a great folk artist. Search him on youtube!

Kon: Radiohead, The Used, Copeland

Yuki: Sonata Arctica. They’re from [Europe].

Shin: Ozzy Osbourne, and Randy Rhodes.

Nao: Jimi Hendrix?

Kon:..a little bit.


JRR: Your costumes are red today, last night they were white and red, what is the concept behind the outfits?

Kon: Originally it started off as blood and bandages. Blood is the common element that we all have, no matter your background. It’s something we all have, and we would like to go past those barriers to portray our music. Also, including the name CELL, it is something we all have in common. Another simple way is red stands out. [laugh]

JRR: Where else in the world would you really like to play?

Nao: Germany!

Yuki: Germany and England, Great Britain, Mexico…it goes on and on…

Kon: India

Yuki: Las Vegas!

JRR: We were just in Las Vegas…it was 115F…which is 44C I think…

Yuki: I wanna go! I wanna go!

[all laugh]

JRR: What have you thought of Anime Expo so far and seeing everyone dressed up?

Yuki: CUTE! Like Japanese cute!

Kon: Everyone seems like they are having fun.

Shin and Nao: Sexy!

JRR: If you guys were to cosplay, who would you cosplay?

Yuki: Ehhhhh….Raiden from Metal Gear Solid!

Jess: I love Snake!

Yuki: Have you cosplayed him?

Jess: No, I’m too short…

Yuki: We’ve seen short cosplayers!

Kon: I would cosplay Darth Vader.

Shin: I would be Darth Maul.

Nao: Aska from Evangelion.

JRR: What is your favorite food you had here in America?

Yuki: Panda Express!

Nao: Panera Bread

Kon: The hot dogs they sell out front.

Shin: Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We have them in Japan…there really isn’t a difference…but it’s the fact we’re eating them here in the States. [laugh]

JRR: What are your thoughts on the growing popularity of Visual Kei around the world?

Kon: We’re very happy. Delighted. I feel like Japanese culture is spreading throughout the world.

Nao: If they like US…that would be awesome!

JRR: What would you like to accomplish within the next five years?

Yuki: I would like to own a house here…to live here…

JRR: In L.A. specifically?

Yuki: IN VEGAS! But I like the beach more, so maybe Los Angeles.

Kon: I would like to have a headlining concert here in the states.  I want to go to other countries and become bigger and bigger.

JRR: Do you feel that social media such as Facebook and Twitter helps you connect with fans?

Kon: There’s a lot of non-Japanese fans communicating through those media sources, so it’s a good thing.

Shin: It’s also the time lapse. They can get the response immediately in that way. I think there are a lot of fans who found out about this show through social media.

Nao: It’s a very good promotion tool.

JRR: Is there one thing you always seem to forget to pack on tour?

All: You guys are going the opposite of what everyone has asked! [laugh]

Nao: Toning lotion.

Kon: Lighter

Yuki: batteries

Shin: My wallet. I forget it, or I lose it.

JRR: And a message for fans.

All: We will be evolving and growing as CELL so please continue to support us!

Interview by: AliW & Jess
Photography by: AliW

Special thanks to CELL and CURE Magazine for their gracious time.

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