Have you ever felt like an artist was stuck in a niche? Are your ears asking for three different styles of music all at once? I’m here to bring you a solution and its name is SID. You’ll find yourself surrounded by jazz, rock, and pop all swirled together in a delicious musical sundae.

SID was created in 2003, founded by the vocalist Mao (ex-SHULA) and the bassist Aki (ex-RAM∞REM). The band considers its true beginning as January 14 in 2004, when the guitarist, Shinji (ex-URANUS), and the drummer, Yuuya (ex-SHULA), joined as official members. 

SID was interested in playing overseas before the overseas fans even knew to ask them to come. Due to a cancellation from Miyavi, SID was able to come to America to perform at the ACEN anime convention in his place. It was there that SID began to make waves in the overseas fandom.

They were first signed to Hideki Inoue, but after their return to Japan, SID signed with Danger Crue Records. This is the same label MUCC, Ken of L’arc~en~ciel (SONS OF ALL PUSSYS), Yukihiro of L’arc~en~ciel (ACID ANDROID) and Girugamesh to name a few.

Though the band started out as visual kei, early in their career they decided to get out of that genre to keep from feeling restricted. Not long after that transition out of visual kei, SID rose to popularity with new singles, “Sweet?” in October of 2005 and “Hosoi Koe” in February of 2006. These singles got landed on the Oricon charts at #23 and #18 respectively. It was their next single in June of that year, “Chapter 1,” which bumped SID to the #10 spot on the charts. From there they continued to gain popularity and snagged #4 on the Oricon with their 2007 release, “Mitsuyuubi.”

SID refuses to be limited. They create the music versus the music creating them.  They won’t allow themselves to be put in a genre; rather, they’re hard at work creating their own. If you’re looking for a band that blogs on a spastically high daily basis, who act weird and know it, who don’t take themselves too seriously and makes sure you enjoy yourself, look them up!

You will be able to catch the best of SID with their newest single, “Monokuro no Kisu” (Monochrome Kiss) making its debut on October 29, 2008.

Written by Allyse S.
Edited by Maria