Who says there’s no life on Mars? Or somewhere else out there, for that matter! Hangry and Angry have arrived from their home in the H44 Star Nebula via their time machine—which contradicts their names with its own calling, LOVE MACHINE—to answer Earth’s cries for help battling global warming!

Hangry (Hitomi Yoshizawa) and Angry (Rika Ishikawa) are both former members of the well-known Morning Musume and are currently collaborating with the popular fashion brand, h.NAOTO. Their style of dress as Hangry and Angry is perhaps a bit of a surprise, considering their significantly lighter appearance previously, but the change has proved to be a positive move. Already, the duo has successfully performed their first live in Japan, participating in Myspace Japan’s 2nd anniversary celebration at the C.C.Lemon Hall.

Hangry and Angry have also made a remarkable leap in that they have already taken steps at going international. The two now have both a Japanese and English MySpace page to promote them and allow fans to listen to pieces of their Kiss Me, Kill Me release. A further push at the international boundaries was made when it was announced that their first release was available to US fans in stores and that fans around the world could have it shipped internationally.

Continuing on this fast-track to gathering worldwide acknowledgement, Hangry and Angry are slotted to give a headlining performance at Seattle, Washington’s Sakura-Con this coming April. With so much already achieved in regards to reaching outside of Japan—and their home in the H44 Star Nebula!—they have a promising future that calls for a close watch on the duo’s coming activities.

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