YoshikiYoshiki Foundation Party
Interview with Yoshiki

The Yoshiki Foundation America Kickoff Party is tomorrow and we’ve received some comments from Yoshiki himself regarding this monumental event, and about the special events happening throughout the night. Read on to find out about some details that are not mentioned in the press release!

What is the highlight of the event?
Yoshiki: We are going to perform something completely unexpected, for the first time.

What do you want to accomplish with this first party?
Yoshiki: I want to expose people in America to Japanese culture. I also want to raise as much money as possible for kids in need.

There are many Japanese sponsors involved such as Sanrio, h.Naoto, pachinko, animation and games, which are very prominent in Japanese sub-pop-culture. What was your concept behind having all of these Japanese companies involved at the first America party?
Yoshiki: I wanted to bring Japan over to America, so I picked companies that would be good examples of Japanese culture.

Can you tell us anything about the video shoot that is scheduled to take place after the party?
Yoshiki: We are shooting the music video in 3D.

Please provide us with a message to the fans that are attending.
Yoshiki: I love you all and appreciate your lasting support.

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