Maru Music - Alice Nine

Two Highly Anticipated Albums from Alice Nine set for Release in the US


[Los Angeles, CA] – Maru Music is set to release two albums which are considered by many critics as the definition of Visual-kei music. Alice Nine’s last album VANDALIZE and their greatest collection album Complete Collection 2006 – 2009.


VANDALIZE is considered the bands best stand alone album so far. Complete Collection 2006 – 2009 is a compilation of what is considered the bands greatest hits thus far. Both albums are set to be released November 16th. Just before the
holiday season.

VANDALIZE is the third major album from this visual influenced band. This full- length album features 11 tracks and includes their popular singles Mirror Ball, Rainbows and Cross Game. This album really exposed Alice Nine to the public as the single Cross Game from the album was featured on the tv series “Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s”


The Complete Collection 2006-2009 contains 14 tracks. This album is a collection of Alice Nine’s greatest hits so far. Packed with multiple chart-topping hits, this album gives the perfect Alice Nine experience from beginning to end. The Complete Collection features the hit songs Innocence, Tsubasa and Fantasy just to name a few.

The 5 members of Alice Nine include Shou on Vocals, Tora and Hiroto on guitar, Saga on Bass and Nao on Drums. Forming in 2004, the band started off on a quick start immediately touring and making music. Together Alice Nine has influenced a generation of fans with their visual style, stage presence and custom fashions

As the popularity of Alice Nine increased, Alice Nine began to headline major events across the globe. In 2007, Alice Nine had their first overseas performance as the final band at the J-Rock Revolution event in Los Angeles. In 2009, Alice Nine was also part of the largest Visual Kei festival in Japan, the V-Rock Festival. Alice Nine’s performance at the festival was deemed legendary.