SXSW has accepted’s panel idea for the 2010 festival. Our panel intends to cover as briefly and concisely as possible Japanese rock, the rise of the fandom and the growing interest for the music, plus much, much more.

With very limited space, we’ve endeavored to provide as much detail as possible and our proposal now sits in the Panel Picker area of the SXSW site. In the coming days, we’ll begin to expound on the ideas our panel may present, share with our readers and members our ideas and listen to yours.

From now until September 4th, voting remains open to the general public and we encourage our members and readers to take a look at the proposal in its brief, skeletal state and if you believe it to be a valuable message to bring to the music industry, we strongly encourage you to vote for the panel! Register on the site, cast your vote and leave your comments, supportive, inquiring, or suggestions. Public vote does help determine which panels are picked for the conferences – let your voice be heard!

This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available. Thank you for supporting Jrock and