On a mission to unite the world through music, overcoming boundaries between language, culture, religion, and nationalities, SUGIZO will be joining the multi-cultural Juno Reactor on his very first tour of North America.

Sugizo on Tour with Juno Reactor

Starting in Mexico, SUGIZO and Juno Reactor will play two dates at a festival in Chihuahua before commencing onwards to the United States.

Juno Reactor’s concerts are full audio-visual experiences, featuring incantations, chants, vocals, lighting, mesmerizing visualizations, and raw live action. Their sound is also very unique—a pastiche of ambient electronica to driving goa trance to industrial metal, brought together in a culture clash that defies the word “fusion.”

SUGIZO was brought into the Juno Reactor fold in 2007 as a guitarist, having followed the band as a fan for years beforehand. Jrock Revolution will have to find out on this tour how he found out about the band, though we think we have an idea – SUGIZO is a huge fan of The Matrix, a movie for which Juno Reactor contributed heavily to the soundtrack.

2008’s been a crazy year for SUGIZO thus far. It kicked off with LUNA SEA’s triumphant reunion at the end of 2007 along with the release of SPIRITUARISE, followed by his inclusion in X Japan’s reunion tours, and LUNA SEA’s participation in hide Memorial Summit. Hundreds of SUGIZO fans in the United Kingdom, Greece, and Ukraine were able to catch him live on tour with Juno Reactor as well.

With his recent life works release, COSMOSCAPE, fresh on the shelves and his U.S. tour just around the corner, Jrock Revolution is definitely looking forward to SUGIZO rocking the stage with Juno Reactor starting on September 20, 2008.

More information about the tour can be found here and you can help SUGIZO out by joining his street team here. Tickets are already on sale!

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We hope to see everyone there.