SHOW-YA Premium Oneman Live. 4.13.2014 Okayama CRAZY MAMA KINGDOM Live Report.


We at JRR like to share with you bands that are on a higher level of music composition. SHOW-YA is a band that is severely underrated within the Japanese rock scene that exists outside of Japan, considering that they are on the same level as X JAPAN and BOØWY when it comes to music composition.

This year, Okayama CRAZY MAMA KINGDOM (OCMK) has their 7th anniversary. Bands such as D’ERLANGER, Angelo, and MERRY are playing this venue, but by far the most alluring lineup was SHOW-YA’s Premium Oneman live. SHOW-YA is a band that I have wanted to see for years, and on April 13th, I finally got that chance.

Given SHOW-YA’s comeback in 2005, with their most recent album ‘Genuine Diamond’ released in 2012, they have attracted the attention of not only their older fans, but many younger fans as well. Comprised of Keiko Terada (‘Keiko’) on vocals Miki Igarashi (‘Sun-go’) on guitar, Miki Nakamura (‘Captain’) on keyboards, Satomi Senba (‘Sato-chan’) on bass, and Miki Tsunoda (‘Mittan’) on drums, they can easily rival many of their male counterparts, if not overtake them entirely when it comes to putting on a show.

I wasn’t surprised at how well these women have cultivated performing into an art. I wouldn’t have expected anything less. The way the band carries themselves on stage, the way they energetically interact with the crowd, the way Keiko stops to talk to the crowd sincerely; it was all something I expected of a band that I have long since admired. The fact that it was delivered with perfection was not something I overlooked. As hard rock’s leading ladies, they have paved the way for bands such as Danger Gang, Gacharic Spin, and exist†trace to name a few. The way Keiko has taken immaculate care of her vocals is something a few men could learn from as well.

SHOW-YA treat their shows as if it were their last, putting all of the energy that is in their songs into their bodies, allowing it to fuel their mind blowing performances. Full of energy and fun, SHOW-YA is the epitome of confidence. From the way Sato-chan and Sun-go play bass and guitar with fury, the way Captain shows off her delicate, catchy keyboard melodies, the way Mittan showcases the technicality of drum solos that could rival any contemporary, and Keiko with her power-house vocals with smooth, cool undertones add a flare that is sorely missing from the live stages today.

The way the band entered the stage, although simple for a smaller venue, did not lack impact. Keiko came on stage and took over the crowd with her all leather ensemble and bleach blonde and pink hair with the only way to describe it being that of a majestic lioness queen. From then on out, it was a set with few ballads, and all out hard rock that the band is infamous for complete with drum solo from Mittan who’s technicality a lot of bands could learn from, as well as Captain’s mesmerizing keyboard solo with charm and technicality of its own.

The crowd was engaged as each member took turns standing on a platform that had them touching the ceiling of the venue, and as Keiko crouched down in mini-skirt, stockings, and garter-belt to look right into the eyes of the front row to sing directly to them.

The topic of differences in Japanese crowds and overseas crowds tends to be a popular one in this type of setting. However, to set the facts straight, I would say that both are the same in terms of energy; although, how that energy is interpreted and expressed are different. While overseas fans tend to take their energy out on others, Japanese crowds tend to allow the energy to swell, until it forms into a mass of organized chaos in the form of synchronized movements to the beat of the music, and to the lyrics of the songs.

Japanese crowds are unique by far. They know all the songs, all the movements, and express themselves in a way that is distinctive, but in no way lacking of energy. SHOW-YA brought out the best in the fans, and even treated fans to a well executed marketing strategy of a meet and greet after the live, after you bought a t-shirt for a reasonable price of course. The band knows how to do business on- and off-stage, and for that I will come to see them time and time again.


SHOW-YA’s new DVD 歴代シングル全曲披露!暴れ倒しGIG will be released on April 30th, please look forward to it!

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