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In the past two years, 雅-MIYAVI- has become one of the most beloved and well-recognized Japanese rock acts in the world.

In the past two days, 雅-MIYAVI- has become an instrumental part of the information distribution network for earthquake and tsunami news and relief efforts here in Japan.

Only minutes after the largest earthquake in recorded Japanese history — an 8.9 magnitude quake centered in Iwate prefecture — struck the country at around 3 p.m. on March 11 the 29 year old Tokyo-based guitarist turned his official Twitter into an up-to-the-minute news feed, providing vital information on the disaster in multiple languages and networking his fan base in a communal effort that may have already directly saved the life of one of its members.

While aftershocks and deadly tsunamis ravished the nation, 雅-MIYAVI- kept vigilant for upwards of 30 hours, scouring the Internet for updated news feeds, press releases, emergency manuals and hotlines and other invaluable sources of information in an effort to keep his Japanese fan base safe and the rest of the world well informed. With most of the phone circuits down across the country and many areas lacking TV reception, 雅-MIYAVI-‘s Twitter — easily accessible via mobile internet — feed became one-stop shopping for those searching for news and statistics.

“I’m okay, [and] with my family now,” 雅-MIYAVI- tweeted to his followers early Friday evening. “Please keep praying for all the families in Japan.” Since then, he has posted or retweeted over 300 pieces of news and words of encouragement from around the globe, working ceaselessly (and seemingly without sleep) since the disaster began.

An artist’s fan base tends to serve as a reflection of the artist himself, and perhaps there is no better example to be found than 雅-MIYAVI-‘s fans. Known as “CoMiyavi,” this international group of music lovers has come together to aid 雅-MIYAVI-‘s efforts in providing important information to the masses and networked closely with one another in an effort to stay safe and support each other during this critical period. CoMiyavi from all over the globe have been feeding both 雅-MIYAVI- and each other any information they can find.

When one member of the Japanese fan base was presumed missing earlier in the evening (March 12), CoMiyavi, both foreign and Japanese alike, worked together to transmit her vital information to each other through every channel possible and scour the internet in multiple languages for word of her whereabouts. She was eventually located — and established to be safe and sound — as a direct result of the social networking efforts of the fan base.

As the second day of the crisis comes to a close, 雅-MIYAVI- is still working late into the night to keep the updates coming. His official Twitter can be found at, and J-Rock fans around the globe are encouraged to tune in to the Samurai-Guitarist-turned-social-networking-hero for all the latest news.

Article by: Maura D.

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In the days following the earthquake, numerous artists in Japan and abroad have taken it upon themselves to organize relief efforts in many ways. Yoshiki has reportedly committed his signature crystal piano for auction with the proceeds going toward relief efforts. Gackt has organized the benefit “Share Your Heart”. Organizations such as the American Red Cross have committed resources to assisting Japan.

If you’re interested in learning more about the earthquake, the after effects as well as what you can do to help, please visit our article covering the earthquake. If you have news and information that you’d like to share, please do so at that page as well.

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