Takuya Angel visited Texas for Anime Matsuri earlier this year. Since then, he was kind enough to answer a few questions for JrockRevolution.com. Enjoy!

Takuya Angel1

Would you ever consider doing collaborations with other Gothic style fashion designers someday?
TA: If there are people who would want to collaborate, then perhaps I will.

Speaking of other Gothic designers, do you feel you have any competition?
TA: I’m not interested in competition.

Which do you consider yourself more, an artist of fashion or an artist of music?
TA: I’d say [I’m an artist of fashion], it’s more of the clothes. Fashion needs music. That’s why I create music that suits my clothes.

Do you want Takuya Angel fashion to be an underground fashion or take more global fame?
TA: I make clothes that are a lot of fun and I would like for a lot of people to wear it. It’s not particularly about underground fashion.

Have you ever DJed at a club in the U.S. other than an anime convention? If so, how is it different from Japan and Europe? If not would you ever consider going to one in the future?
TA: In Europe I’ve DJed in England, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany. As for America I’ve only DJed in Texas. I’ve done shows in Germany twice, once in France, and once in the Netherlands. Perhaps in the future, this year I might do one show and DJ in America.

Would you ever consider doing a music collaboration with a Visual Kei band?
TA: I can provide [a Visual Kei band with] designs.

When did you become enthralled in the world of techno music and exactly who inspired you to want to become a DJ?
TA: As for musicians I like YMO( Yellow Magic Orchestra). As for Techno DJs I like Jeff Mills. If you say DJs as a whole, [it would be] Tony Humphries.

An old expression of "You are what you eat", consider this in the world of fashion and music, how would you describe yourself and consumers of your music and fashion?
TA: I think the mission is to provide for a better world. I think it’s important for the work to give everyone a lot of positive influence and impact.

Is there a specific message you would like for people buying your 1st new album to receive?
TA: My intention was to send an image that mixes the modern image of Japan and old image of Japan. I will be happy if they feel that.

Interview questions by: Yume S.
Edited by: Ali W.
Photo by: Hal
Photo appears courtesy of Takuya Angel and Tainted Reality
Special thanks to Tainted Reality for the opportunity!