Angelo is: KOHTA on bass, Kirito on vocals and TAKEO (Everlasting K) on drums.

This piece is the second part of a feature on Angelo, its members and their tenure in PIERROT.  Read the first part, which is about PIERROT, right here. 

Kirito’s solo career consists of four singles, starting with his debut DOOR in July 2005, two maxi-singles, DECIDE and PERIOD in 2006—a few months after PIERROT disbanded—three live DVDs and two albums: Hameln in August 2006 and NEGATIVE a year later.   

As long-time drummer TAKEO worked on his own sideprojects, KOHTA—Kirito’s younger brother—joined the Kirito/TAKEO duo in 2006. From there the triad officially became Angelo on August 14th.

Kirito, once called Shinya by his parents, was never one to hold his tongue in social, religious or political matters.  His manner of powerful speech and overall intimidating presence earned him the nickname “Dictator.” 

Whether it was dressing as Jesus and priests with leashes or as mafia-like businessmen, the image and message the band has a force and power that’s difficult to ignore.  Indeed, the band’s debut on October 4th, 2006 drew an audience of 5,000 to Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, even though it was a weekday. Just a couple of weeks after on October 20th, the band had their first overseas performance at Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, California. Not bad for such a young band!

Angelo’s first single REBORN went on sale on November 8th, 2006—just a few days before they launched an eight-venue tour in Japan called “BROKEN WORLD, AFTER THE HEAVEN.” The tour sold out from Club Citta in Kawasaki all the way to the encore concert at Zepp Tokyo.

And they didn’t show any signs of slowing down from there. The band released their second single, WINTER MOON, on February 2007, which hit #8 position on the Daily Oricon Chart. On April 1st of that year, Angelo launched “EASTER FOR TREASON,” a tour that spanned 24 shows starting at the Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall in Tokyo.  Barely a year after their formation, the band’s first full-length album, REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY, went on sale on April 18th, 2007.

Angelo sold out the two final shows at Shibuya’s C.C. Lemon Hall in Tokyo on August 30 and 31st with their "INTER PLAY MEMBERS LIMITED SHOW [DOGMATIC PARTY case of Angelo]" concerts. Just as their first year band anniversary rolled around, Angelo released a DVD of their "EASTER FOR TREASON" live as well as a new mini-album called THE FREAK SHOW. By the end of the year 2007, the band kicked off yet another tour called “THE FRENZIED EMPIRE,” which played at 15 venues for 16 shows.

On June 11, 2008, Angelo’s 3rd single, CHAOTIC BELL debuted in 9th place on the Oricon weekly chart. Just a few days later, the band started their club circuit tour “VEILED SIGN” at Shinkiba’s Studio Coast. The last stop of the tour “INTER PLAY MEMBERS LIMITED SHOW 08 [DOGMATIC PARTY case of Angelo]” at the C.C. Lemon Hall in Tokyo sold out as well.

After their hectic live schedule and just before the release of their new single this October, Angelo will hold a series of events in Los Angeles, including a photo shoot and a concert trip for their fanclub members. Two versions of “SISTER” will be on sale on October 22—a regular edition with “ULTIMATE WORLD” as a second track as well as a limited edition featuring the music video for “SISTER.” 

Written by Pola
Edited by Maria