Pacific Media Expo will be packed with music and fashion events throughout this upcoming weekend!

Our Jrock Revolution Panel will take place Sunday morning from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Just when you’re getting those the-con’s-almost-over blues… We’ll be here for you!

The panel will be an opportunity for Jrock supporters to meet, make friends, and get organized as we discuss the future of the overseas Jrock movement and get your feedback on where you want us to take you and how you can get even more involved! Open discussion about everything in the Jrock world will be welcome. And enough of boring Q&A&leave-style panels… we will do our best to make sure you walk out having made at least one cool connection with another attendee.

There will be prizes, announcements, candy in celebration of the season, fun for all, and…

Our Special Guests The Candy Spooky Theater!

Don’t miss their concert Friday evening, opened by D&L. We encourage you to support all the great bands coming this weekend. There’s six concerts in all: Saturday is LiN CLOVER, with Thee Out Mods, and Sunday is Head Phones President, with The Slants. And PMX’s guest list has exploded, so stop by the PMX website to check out who else is coming (who’s a Heroes fan here?).

Our staff is excited about meeting more of our awesome readers, so make sure to answer our poll to let us know if you’re attending.

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