SAW IV opens in the U.S. and in many other countries this weekend. With this premiere, X JAPAN‘s new song "I.V." makes its international debut as the end title to the film. Our exclusive report from the PV shooting will be up here soon.

As X fans gather around the world to attend the movie and celebrate X JAPAN‘s musical return, Jrock Revolution wants to put your dedication on proud display!

We want to hear from you! Send us your photos and reports on meetups, movie outings, Halloween celebrations, and anything else you’re doing to mark this momentous time in Jrock history.

We encourage you to cross your arms in true X fan style and make the symbol of the X in your photos for us.

We’ll put our favorite photos and report excerpts up on the website for all the world to see! And we’ll have SAW IV swag for particularly standout submissions. Read more for how to submit.

Send your submissions to Please let us know what name to credit reports and photos to, and if you would like to be individually identified in photos, please tell us who’s who.

Please note: We cannot respond individually to submissions. Photos must be no larger than 800×600 or 600×800. Please limit your reports to 500 words.