Tainted Reality, JRockRevolution.com, and JaME are proud to present the annual JROCK CHOICE AWARDS.


We’re working on a special website for you guys. This time, you choose the nominees! Write whoever you want for each category. We are not going to limit you guys. Be as obscure, as oshare, as nagoya-kei, as [insert your choice here] as you want! The top choices entered will become the nominees and then the final vote for the fan awards begins.

In two weeks, we will open the website for you to submit your nominees for each category in the fan awards. Check out the forums to discuss who you would pick! Until the website opens, please think on who you would like to see as the winner in each of these:

Best Album
Best Song
Best Mini-Album
Best Artist
Best Breakthrough Artist
Best Promotional Video
Best Dressed
Best Full Length DVD Release
Best B-Side or Album Track
Craziest English Title
Biggest American Impact
Best CD Cover Art

This JCAs will cover the period of 11/15/07-1/1/09.
The airtime for JCAs is March 20th.

Bands who have won previously are not eligible to win in the same category.

Tainted Reality