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As fans, we help elevate the bands we love and we have an opportunity to have one action benefit THREE bands. Join the Babel Entertainment street team today! What’s involved? It’s easy! Here are an example of your duties:

Los Angeles area:

– Join the Babel Entertainment Street Team group
– Print out or submit an address to accept promotion posters
– Post your posters in and around the Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and areas where music fans can see it!
– Take pictures of yourself and your poster and indicate the location where you posted
– Upload the pictures to the Babel Entertainment Street Team group and tag them with your name so we can track!


– Post information about the show to sites related to Visual Kei, Japanese metal, metal music, Final Fantasy or anime
Screencap the post and provide a link where you posted it and tag it with your name!

What? You might have a question? Do they look like this?

Do I have to be in Los Angeles to join the street team?

NO. You can post online to participate. If you happen to be in Los Angeles on vacation, make a few stops and leave some posters!

Can I have posters sent to me if I’m not in Los Angeles?

NO. Due to the limited number of available posters, they’ll only be distributed in Los Angeles.

Will there be incentives or prizes for top performers?

YES. If you’re part of the street team AND are going to the October 30th show, you’re eligible to win some great merch or possibly a VIP upgrade! Other prizes may become available, so join soon and be active! More information will be provided soon. [*editor’s note: Confirmation on the VIP upgrade has not been made just yet, please check back for more information!]

What if I don’t have a Facebook?

No problem! Join Facebook today; if you’d prefer not to, stay tuned for an email address to send your activity information to.







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