PassCode is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014 in Osaka. The concept of the group is mix of the loud rock and idol genre.  Their sound is mix of loud rock, progressive rock, based original band sound.  Songs featuring a member’s shout & scream are one of the characteristics of the group.  Their live performance is described as a rollercoaster show for its non-stop progression and attracts a wide variety of music lovers, not only rock fans but also idol fans.

In April 2015, PassCode performed TRIAL of NEXTAGE, their first one-man concert, at Shinjuku BLAZE in Tokyo.  They further appeared at SUMMER SONIC 2015 at Makuhari Messe, TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL2015 in Daiba, and @JAM EXPO2015 at Yokohama Arena in August.  The group made an unusual appearance as a newcomer at these big summer music festivals and gained strong support from core music fans as well as idol fans.  October saw them in the one-man tour TRIAL OF PASSCODE in five major cities across Japan.

The final show of the tour at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo on January 2, 2016 drew more than 1,000 people in the audience.  The group’s 2nd album “VIRTUAL” was dropped on May 25 followed by PassCode VIRTUAL TOUR 2016.  At the tour’s final show on August 8th, they performed with a live band for the first time at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, and it was at the concert that they announced the major-label debut from Universal Music Japan.


2014.3 PassCode formed

2014.9 1st single “Nextage” released

2014.10 First one-man show “ALL is VANITY” in Osaka, 2 days in Tokyo.  1st album “ALL is VANITY” released


2015.3 1st live DVD released

2015.4 2nd one-man show “TRIAL of NEXTAGE” at Shinjuku BLAZE

2015.5 2nd single “Now I Know” released

2015.8 Performance at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL2015, SUMMER SONIC 2015, and @JAM EXPO 2015

2015.10 TRIAL OF PASSCODE show at Osaka BIGCAT

2015.11 TRIAL OF PASSCODE show at Kita-kyusyuu@WOW

3rd single “Never Sleep Again” release

2015.12 TRIAL OF PASSCODE show at Nagoya DAYTRIVE

TRIAL OF PASSCODE show at Sapporo cube garden


2016.1 TRIAL OF PASSCODE FINAL at Akasaka Blitz

2016.5 2nd album “VIRTUAL” released

2016.7 PassCode VIRTUAL TOUR 2016 at Miyagi darwin/ Osaka FANJ twice/ Aichi ell.FITS ALL/ Fukuoka INSA

2016.8 Performance at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016

PassCode VIRTUAL TOUR 2016 FINAL at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

2016.9 Performance at Inazuma Rock Festival 2016 and @JAM EXPO 2016



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