Before LM.C’s performance at Fanime this year, had a chance to talk to LM.C and catch up on the last couple of years and their latest activities!
LM.C JRR: Thank you for coming. This is your first time back in the US in two years and just as long since we last got to talk to you. How have things gone?

Maya : If you hear the latest album it will become apparent.

JRR: On the new album, your style between Punky Heart and Ghost Heart changed. The visual appearance went from brightly colored to something more somber. Did the music influence the change in style, or was it the other way around?

Maya: The visual image sometimes comes from the music itself, but with Punky Heart we decided first what to wear and the song itself comes from it. With Ghost Heart we wrote the song first and the appearance came from it.
LM.C JRR: Are there any other big differences in how you approached style and music for any of the other songs on Wonderful Wonderholic?

Maya: The way we approach sound and style is not only for a single album but all the time. It all depends on the songs, and the character of the song.

JRR: You just returned from touring Europe. What are the differences in playing overseas versus Japan?

Maya & Aiji: One thing we notice when traveling anywhere is that each concert venue has its own feel, both architecturally and in the sound. Domestically versus overseas there’s a difference in how passionate the fans are. Overseas it seems the fans show more of their enthusiasm. For us, everywhere we play there is always a feeling of having brought together the people who love LM.C to experience our music.

JRR: Do you think for some overseas fans the language difference sometimes lends itself to a more pure reaction to the music as a whole?

Aiji: When we play overseas the crowd is singing along and we get a lot of fan letters written in Japanese that make it clear that many of our fans understand the lyrics. I don’t think that is the case. There is not as much of a language barrier as it may seem even though I think there are some fans who come to just enjoy the sound.
JRR: Since your first singles, your music has been featured now and then with anime. Do you have plans to include more music with other projects, anime or otherwise?

Maya: We performed the theme song for a film. If we have a chance, we would like to do more.

JRR: Several of your pieces have featured classical music in them as accents. Are you both fans of classical music? Do you have a favorite composer?

Aiji: I like Mozart and Bach and always have their songs on my iPod.

JRR: What else do you have on your iPod?

Aiji: A variety of songs, different genres…. Too much to be able to say.

Maya: I don’t have any particular interest in classical music. With our songs, it’s not about a particular composer, but something about a classical piece can be really catchy and fit well in the music.
JRR: On that theme, what are some of the inspirations you share? How do they shape your music or visual style?

Aiji: When it comes to movies for example if there’s something I think is good I’ll suggest Maya watch it with me or give Maya the DVD. He never says anything.

Maya: (cutting in to disagree) No, no. Sometimes I recommend idol groups that I think are cool.

JRR: Do you think then it is your differences that do more to influence your style?

Maya & Aiji: No, not really.

JRR: Some of our readers might not know how you met. Can you tell them how you met and formed your partnership?

Aiji: (to Maya) Do you remember?

Maya: Well, Aiji was in a band….
Aiji: And then?

Maya: Our birthplaces are really close to each other. When we met, a really long time ago, I was a junior member in Aiji’s band.

JRR: Since you travel all around the world, how important is this to you? The chance to travel to meet all your fans….

Maya: (holds his hands out wide to demonstrate) This much.

JRR: Coming back to the US, what have you been looking forward to the most?

Maya: Well, we haven’t had our concert yet. Last year unfortunately we had to cancel our show, so we’d like to pay that debt back and do a really good job with the show tomorrow.

JRR: Will you have any time to do sightseeing while you are here?
Maya & Aiji: (asking the manager) Will we?

Aiji: We got to do a little sightseeing…at Johnny Rockets.

JRR: Nothing else?! Where would like to go if you could?

Aiji: Can you give us some advice? Where in San Jose is the one thing if you don’t see you’ll be missing out?

JRR: Sadly this reporter can’t help with that, she’s from San Francisco!

Maya & Aiji: Too bad. We don’t want to give up on San Jose.

JRR: Do you have any new songs planned or are you focused on the performance for this album?

Maya: Right now since we’re in the middle of the tour we’re focused on the performances.

JRR: When you tour does it inspire you to get back into the studio?

Maya: Of course. When we’re meeting our fans, they show so much love and that inspires us. Also we were in Europe when the volcano erupted and weren’t able to get home to Japan so that’s some form of inspiration.

JRR: In July you have plans to perform in Singapore at the new Universal Studios. Are you going to be able to enjoy the theme park there?

Aiji: (jokingly) If we have free time, but they just don’t want to give it to us.

JRR: Are you theme park fans?
Aiji: We love them.

JRR: Which is your favorite?

Maya & Aiji: The Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland.

Aiji: In Japan, Fuji-Q High Land. I love rollercoasters. My favorite is the Fujiyama.

JRR: So you like all the fast, scary rides?

Aiji: Yes. I love all the ones that give me butterflies in the stomach.

Maya: (laughs)

JRR: That’s all the questions we have for you. Thank you very much! Would you please give a message to your JRR fans?

Maya & Aiji: Now that we are finally back in the US, LM.C is very happy to be here. With the European tour we experienced that things won’t go the way they are expected to. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so don’t regret anything and live in the moment. Please continue to love and support LM.C.

Interview by: Kimi O.
Edited by: Ali W.

Special thanks to Pony Canyon and LM.C

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