Creature Creature’s
Simone and the Wrath, Continued

Creature Creature has announced tour dates for the following locations:

Ebisu, Tokyo
September 16, 2009

Umeda, Osaka
September 22, 2009

Kobe, Hyogo
September 24, 2009


Creature Creature was conceived by Morrie, cofounder and singer of the legendary band Dead End. With his evocative vocal technique, contrasting between the lyrical and aggressive, Morrie inspires and continues to influence many vocalists and musicians. He came onto the scene in his teens with Dead End and keeps emerging and surprising fans with his evolving style. Morrie’s philosophy and approach to music drastically changed the aesthetics and attitude of Japanese Rock. With his striking looks and dark character, Morrie has been credited as a leader of the visual kei movement.

The first unveiling of Creature Creature was at the Danger Crue event, at Nippon Budakan in 2005 as an unannounced performance. There was a buzz in the audience conversing amongst themselves, trying to determine who was playing under the murky lights. At the end of the set the screen displayed "Creature Creature, now recording" and the stadium was filled with screams and excitement from the audience. Those who were lucky to see the live show describe it like a theater event as the three silhouettes of Morrie, tetsu, and Minoru emerged from the beyond. In the following Summer 2006, Creature Creature released Light & Lust. Morrie collaborated with Minoru (The Spin, ex-Mad Capsule Markets, guitar) and tetsu (L’Arc-en Ciel, bass) resulting in power driven song writing. The live show line up included Minoru, Hiro (Libraian, ex-La’cryma Christi, guitar), Fire (bass) and Shinya (ex-Luna Sea, drums).

In the Summer of 2009 a different creature emerged. Additional monstrous songs were written and members Hiro (Libraian, ex-La’cryma Christi, guitar), Shinobu (ex-Guy’s Family, guitar), Hitoki (Robo+s, Dummy’s Corporation, ex-Kuroyume, bass) and Sakura (S.O.A.P., ex-L’Arc-en-Ciel, ex-Zigzo, drums) came together for the "Simone and the Wrath" series. The sold out shows were deemed as one of the top shows of the Summer and a continuing tour was just announced for Fall 2009.

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