As someone who has been attending AWA for 7 years, it is always a thrill to catch the new things staff and guests are doing. The fashion shows AWA has been having for the past few years is no different. When I learned that not only Frill would be having a fashion show this year, but also Putumayo, I knew I had to capture the fashion on film from these two very unique brands. Frill is a group that I am always delighted to see. Normally, lolita isn’t much my thing; however, when Frill gets on stage, one can’t deny the amazing fashion sense these girls have. Based in Atlanta, they frequent AWA with their pop-up boutique promoting American Lolita Fashion. Photographing them last year was a surprise for me, so I knew I had to be ready for them this year. As always, it was a pleasure to photograph them and their style.

This year, Shunsuke Hasegawa was in attendance with his brand Putumayo. Putumayo has become famous over the years for its independent punk style with a flare for the more playful side of fashion. Adding to the playfulness of this fashion show was also the Kera and Gothic Lolita Bible model, Misako Aoki. As a team, the fashion designer and model put together a wonderful fashion show that was full of whimsy and character that brought something fresh to the AWA convention scene.
Putumayo and Misako Aoki:
Coverage and Photography by: K. Dunaway