UZUHI, which means “the sun” in Japanese, is well known for their energetic, fun and fist-pumping lives, bringing fans together for the time they are on stage and even long after they leave.From their birth in 2004, members Gosha on vocals, Katsuragi on guitar, Tsubasa on keyboards, and Shu on drums have been tearing up New York City and the surrounding areas by making people laugh, dance and smile with every song they play.

AnimeNEXT was no different. One by one the members of UZUHI took the stage, Gosha bent over with his back facing the crowd and foot tapping in fervor to the beat of the drums, while Katsuragi got the audience revved up with a fast-picked guitar lick. Then…CRASH! Gosha jumped around and they burst into “We Are UZUHI,” their introductory song. A mix of head-banging, hard punk and a cutesy circus sound with the audience singing, “We are UZUHI” along with Tsubasa brought the once quiet and wondering crowd into action.

They played enthusiastically through a course of songs like “Sweet Lovely Chocolate Smile” and “S.O.S ~Simplicity Of Satisfaction~” and there wasn’t one song that disappointed. Not long into their set Gosha sang to the audience as normal, but suddenly he jumped off the stage and into the crowd, inviting everyone to make a circle and dance with one another to the upbeat, groovy tempo. Happy, smiling faces soon replaced shocked and confused ones once they fell into the beat, taking the hands of strangers and friends alike. Everyone, even the sound techs, was having fun.

Then it was Tsubasa’s turn in the spotlight. She graced everyone with an andante piano solo; experienced fingers gliding over the black and white keys in a simple yet elegant ballad. Soon the rest of the members joined her and once again the crowd jumped back into a fist-pumping frenzy as the song picked up speed. Peach, Tsubasa’s stuffed rabbit, was tossed to a fan who was surprised but grinned as she caught it and waved it in time to the music.

With seemingly endless energy and fervor UZUHI played passionately to the end of their regrettably short half-hour set and all too soon it was time for the last song. A touching MC warmed the hearts of those listening, reminding us that war and hate don’t prove anything nor solve problems and that love and friendship are what brings happiness to the world. UZUHI stands strong behind their motto that indeed, “Music Has No Borders,” and the generation we live in can make a difference by spreading peace and friendship to all under the brilliance of the sun.

“This,” Gosha declared, “this is our generation!”

Live Report by: Kei C.
Edited by: Deb

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