On Friday, Dec. 3, the band members of LUNA SEA met with a few dozen fans just off of Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. The restaurant provided a private room and a catered dinner for attendees along with drinks while people mingled before the band arrived. The overall atmosphere was one of seriousness mixed with anticipation, but nevertheless it retained its festiveness throughout. Old friends met and new friends were made between those in jeans, in semi-formal wear as well as Gothic Lolita. Once the members arrived, however, all attention focused on the five men as they entered the room.

“I never thought this could happen,” one fan said as she walked by in tears. Happy tears, to be sure.

Like many in the room, most never thought they’d be as close as they were to artists who were part of a band as iconic as LUNA SEA. Once the five separated, each were immediately surrounded by fans who politely waited for an autograph or the privilege of sharing a photograph. More than a few were in tears between J and Ryuichi. Sugizo casually moved about the room, always with a trail of patient fans. Inoran stayed in one spot and seemed content autographing as much as he could.

Nearby, fans shared fond memories of the music, of watching old DVDs and of which songs captivated and drew them to LUNA SEA first. People took photographs and moved from one artist to another. Watching one girl turn from J, she was almost immediately in tears holding her hand out. One of her friends reached for her in concern, to which she immediately pulled her hand back saying he’d not only shook her hand, but gave her a hug. The one small gesture had meant so much, it was overwhelming.

For many fans, simply being in the same room as LUNA SEA was enough to make them content. When it came time for the band to depart, fans cheered, gave congratulations and wished the band luck on their Hollywood show at the Palladium the following night. In the rest of the restaurant, few to none of the patrons would have been privy to the intimate gathering so close to them. For a time, high above Sunset Strip, a whole new world had been shaped for the lucky fans who attended the meet and greet. Long after many left, they undoubtedly carried much of that magic with them!