Questions about the 2.1 site upgrade.

What is 2.1?

2.1 is a new and improved version of our original 2.0 Beta release.

Why upgrade to 2.1?

The major goal of our 2.0 redesign was to make everything much more accessible to our readers and to add more neat features. We discovered that there were some limitations to 2.0 Beta and decided to upgrade quickly so we’d have a much cooler site to work with.

What are some of the new and improved features?

  • A new version of the old layout with more space, better padding, better styling. Well, that’s what WE think. And we hope you agree.
  • Popout music and shoutouts!
  • A very cool new video player.
  • Sexy new look for the front page. Videos included!
  • Polls are back! And hopefully they’ll turn out to be better than ever.
  • Buttons to our MySpace, LJ, and YouTube.
  • Our Jrock Revolution map, which debuted on the RTOC Feedback Site, finds a permanent home with us. Map yourself!
  • Search and archiving in multiple ways to help you easily find what you’re looking for as our site continues to grow.
  • We launch with new contests! The first comes from Practice Tracks… check it out.
  • And of course… tshirts. Preorder special. The store reopens this Sunday.
  • Just generally… it’s a much cleaner, shinier look for us.

What are some other changes?

  • Calendar has become Upcoming, which much better suited what we were aiming for with it.
  • Instead of a dry release calendar, we’re going to cover releases and Japan live schedules blog-style.
  • The Artists section of media has been taken down. We’d rather wait until we can really flesh out this database.
  • We made the menu a smooth drop-down for easier navigation.

Where can I provide feedback?

Please provide feedback in the forum. If you’ve found a technical error, please send it directly to us—see the next question.

Hey, I found a technical error, or something that at least just doesn’t look right. How can I tell you guys?

Use our Contact Form and make sure to select "Technical question / Error report" from the drop-down. We appreciate your help. Report broken links and images! If we missed any, we’ll fix them.


General IE 6 incompatibility:
Internet Explorer 6 has been abandoned by its developers. The vast majority of our readers use updated browser, and we’d appreciate it if everyone else made the switch. Hey, Misha’s even giving it up. (Firefox kills her RAM, though…)

Music Player: Sometimes the top music player plays the shoutouts file or vice versa, depending on which one you pulled first. Let us know if this happens to you because we think we’ve fixed the issue.

Video Player: Most everyone can play the videos just fine on both the front page and main player. Let us know if you have trouble.

Thanks and we hope you like our new pad.


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