BLOOD is BACK! Huge week of new vis-kei at HearJapan
Yokohama, Japan — June 14th, 2011 — This is looking to be one of the biggest weeks for visual-kei releases. As always, HearJapan has you covered!

First off, BLOOD is BACK! After breaking up in 2009, the band has reformed. Their new release “Bathory” features the same signature dark, pulsing electro rock and is accompanied by a host of great guests, including Ravishan (SUICIDE ALI), Masa (Dunkelheit), SEN (marlee), and GPK (GPKISM). As if it wasn’t great enough to have the band back in fighting shape, they’ve also included a new video along with the single, all for one alarmingly low price!

Also, rumor has it that BLOOD will be going on an international tour…sometime soon! Get ready and grab the new single now!

HearJapan is proud to offer up the very first release from Dunkelheit this week. “lover in the soil” combines classic vis-kei sounds with a fresh rock edge. This first effort from the band quickly became a HearJapan Hot Pick!

The darkest, gothest dance band in the world, GPKISM, is back with their second full-length album “Reliquia.” Featuring vocals sung entirely in English (due to Australian front-man GPK), this is a band like none other. Their elegant take on techno is sure to heat up the floor on any self-respecting goth club around the world.

And finally, as if all of this wasn’t enough, SUICIDE ALI have a new single, “Doner of lie,” releasing this week as well! They mix up metal, electronics and a grand feel to produce some monumental songs.

This might be a lot to take in all at once, so head on over to the site and listen to clips from each and every song from all of these new releases. Let the darkness consume you!



BLOOD – Bathory

Dunkelheit – lover in the soil GPKISM – Reliquia

SUICIDE ALI – Donor of lie

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